“You don’t rap well enough to go this route with me.” Those were the foreboding words from Joe Budden to Meek Mill on 4th of July weekend after the New Jersey native gave his two cents on Nicki Minaj’s new romance.

Afterwards, Meek Mill appeared on The Breakfast Club to state Budden had corn ethanol dripping from his pores but the general public has since moved on to the ongoing battle with Drake.

During the 24th episode of I’ll Name This Podcast Later, Joey revealed that he too got duped by Funk Flex the other day, but he was listening for a totally different way.

“Part of the reason I waited by that radio was because I did need to see if he were stupid enough to just mention my name,” Budden. “I don’t think he will but it doesn’t matter, I’m about 70 bars in on him. They all might not see the light of day because I just like to write when I’m inspired and he inspired me. In any event that my name was said, I’d be in the studio right now instead of recording this podcast and I would have a reply f*cking out this morning.”

The tea starts at the 38:50 mark but the whole listen is butter. Your move, Rahmeek.

Photo: Instagram/Joseceo

H/T: WatchLoud

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