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Quentin Miller’s name went from 0 to 100 in a matter of hours after Meek Mill took it upon himself to introduce him to the world as Drake’s ghostwriter.

Funk Flex has been on some archeological levels digging in the past 24 hours to solve the riddle.

“We gonna get to the bottom of this…,” he wrote on Instagram. “In case we forgot… Big, Jay, Nas, Kendrick, J.cole handle the pen… If your mentioned in that list you know what that means!!! Y’all other radio TV and bloggers watch this close… If he writes himself then he deserves an apology… If he doesn’t write then he’s a fucking FRAUD!!! That means them emotions ain’t his…. That means what u claiming is story book…And if this industry is ok with that I understand stand… But where I fucking come from that’s means you a great record maker but NOT a great lyricist!!!!! There’s a fucking difference if you claiming king!!! Dr Dre never wrote but we love him the same… But there’s a place for that type of rapper!!! You don’t get mentioned with the greatest!!!! So for people who say it doesn’t matter your wrong !!!! To a lyricist it’s everything…. @champagnepapi”

And then, like manna bread from the heaven’s above, Quentin Miller’s reference track for “10 Bands” from the If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late mixtape dropped into the veteran DJ’s lap.

“I got this from someone in Drake’s camp,” Flex said. “They reached out. They saw me keeping it 100.” Quentin Miller allegedly gets paid $5,000 a month to be on call to pen the hot fire.

Does this change your opinion of Drake now that Quentin Miller appears to be “The Man?” Sound off in the comment section, por favor.

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