Like Jake Gyllenhaal, Eminem is currently making his rounds in promotion of the impressive drama, Southpaw. Although Slim Shady was originally offered the leading role before dropping out, Marshall Mathers still has a vested stake in the movie.

The megastar rapper serves as the soundtrack’s executive producing and takes on the dual role of spearheading the lead singles, for its been released via Shady Records.

In conjunction with its promotion, Em (or should we say Slim Shady?) returned to his home on Shade 45 and appeared on Sway in the Morning for a freestyle which was equally disturbing and LOL funny.

Here are a few notable quotables:

“So praise a genius/Hope this doesn’t get taken out of text but Hillary/I promise to wipe my server if you face sub…poenas”

“I’m coming through like a wrecking…ball/You’d swear I’d think highly of Miley and I respect her the way I backhand her *slap*”

“Be advised/Due to dismental aggression/We advise you to back up…like Byron Leftwich”

“Hatin’ and see who gives a fuck/And this a true statement/I see the bitch in you Caitlyn/I keep the pistol tucked like Bruce Jenner’s d!ck!/No disrespect though/None at all/No pun intended/That took a lot of balls”

“Fuck pop/I don’t even like refreshments!”

Welp. Eminem is no stranger to the controversy and you know the picket lines are forming up as we speak. (Not like he cares.)

Listen to the freestyle below and pre-order the Southpaw OST on iTunes.


Photo: Instagram/Sway Calloway