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Aside for a select few NBA players, California rapper and motivational speaker Lil B appears to love everybody. A sentiment he recently owned up to save for those “men turned women.”

After enduring a great deal of backlash for the alway-losing “transgender locker room joke,” the rapper born Brandon McCartney owned up to the discrimination that plagues his soul.

“I got love for the gays! I got love for humans I want to attract more good people and women that love me! Not men turned women,” he signed on Twitter with a frowning face. “I am transphobic and I need help to learn to accept I’m scared because I’m not comfortable with my self I love u I love born girls.”

He also slipped in a “no homo” which is ironic, seeing that his most commercially visible album was titled I’m Gay in 2011.

Read Lil B’s transphobic testimony below and on the next few pages. He appears to have changed his ways in the same Twitter session.

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