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Here’s another entry for the “What’s that you said about post-racial America?” files. Confederate flags were found at the Martin Luther King Center and Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. 

Reports WSBTV:

Several Confederate flags were found around the King Center and Ebenezer Baptist Church Thursday morning. 


According to Ebenezer Baptist Church Rev. Shanan Jones, police and Homeland Security are working to remove the flags.

Atlanta police confirms four small flags were found laying on the property.

The flags were placed below a poster that states “Black lives matter, hands up,” by a garbage can, on the path the historic MLK site and on the corner near the church, according to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution.

Check out the photos of this devilish behavior below and on the following pages. 

By the way, f*ck the treasonous rebel Confederate flag. Y’all lost.

Bitter, much?

Photo: WSBTV

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