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Snoop Dogg is probably not a fan of European authorities. After getting arrested in Sweden earlier this week, the Long Beach rapper was stopped in Italy on Saturday (August 1) for the crime of rolling around with $422,000 in cash, which was obtained legitimately. 

Reports the New York Daily News:

Italian financial police said they stopped the rapper at the Lamezia Terme airport in Calabria on Saturday with $422,000 in cash, well above the limit that can legally be transported across EU borders undeclared.

The incident comes less than a week after Snoop Dogg was briefly stopped in Sweden on suspicion of drug use after a concert near Stockholm.

Financial police confirmed a report by the Italian news agency ANSA that half of the cash was impounded under Italian anti-money laundering codes. In such cases, the balance is returned minus any fine set by magistrates.

Travelers within the European Union are required to declare 10,000 euros ($11,000) or more in cash.

Snoop had performing in Calabria the previous night.

Clearly the money was from Snoop’s performances in Europe in support of his new album, Bush, so why the scrutiny? Also, does Snoop Dogg not believe in direct deposit?