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Besides trying to get at Drake again last night in Camden, NJ, Meek Mill came for fellow Philly rapper Ar-Ab. Of course, Assault Rifle Ab didn’t take too kindly to the slander. 

“How dare a Philly ni**a d*ck ride another ni**a from out of town!,” barked Meek from the stage.

Likely, he wasn’t feeling Ar telling DJ Vlad TV his “Wanna Know” Drake diss left much to be desired.

Ar took to Twitter to respond to Meek’s commentary. “I just hope ni**as can stand behind they words #OBHGG #WeWitDaDumbShit #DontGetParked,” he tweeted this morning. The way Ab put it, he is being called a hater simply because he spoke candidly about the Meek vs Drake situation.

Also, if you’re familiar with Ar’s rep, you know Meek mentioning his name is only inciting trouble.

Peep the rest of Ar’s response, and the vid that got Meek feeling a ways, in the following pages.

Photo: Vlad TV

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