The past week has been rough for Busta Rhymes. After being arrested for getting into an altercation with an employee at the gym, police are seeking the Dungeon Dragon for questioning after he allegedly threatened to slap a fan. 

The incident in question went down at the BET Awards.

Reports TMZ:

Kim Simpson says it all started when her friend accidentally bumped into the rapper while dancing at the June awards show. They apologized, but she says Busta went nuts, warning, “I’ll bite you and not that kinda bite” if it happened again.

Things escalated later when the two gals started snapping pics with reality star Deelishis, and Busta somehow got caught in the camera flash crossfire

His reaction … “Don’t make me slap you” and then charged them, but security stopped him.  

Kim filed a police report and cops are trying to find Busta to interview him.

Bussa Bus’ temper is well-documented. But we still gotta hear both sides, though.

Photo: Instagram

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