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Apparently, being a white person gives you license to walk around with a rifle without the prospect of a cop shooting you down after perceiving you as a threat (or at least maced or arrested for the trouble of being Black). Such is the case in Ferguson, MO on the anniversary of the murder of Mike Brown—where another state of emergency was declared. 

Reports Crooks & Liars:

Kylie Morris of Channel 4 in Britain visited Ferguson on Tuesday and tried to explain to the British people why white “Oath Keepers” were allowed to openly carry firearms on the street while peaceful black protesters were arrested.

“The men, calling themselves Oath Keepers, only added to the already simmering tensions,” a Channel 4 anchor noted before tossing to Morris for a live report from Ferguson. 

Morris told her British audience that the commemoration of the one year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death had been interrupted by armed Oath Keepers, who claimed that they were there to protect businesses and conservative journalists.

“But certainly their presence, their state of wearing uniforms, military-type uniforms — some of them are ex-military, some of them are even serving police, we’re told,” she reported. “They were, you know, carrying weapons.”

Morris noted that black protesters faced pepper spray, arrests and other actions by riot police.

Hey, at least the British will #StayWoke, right?

White privilege is grand. Check out the full Channel 4 report below.

Photo: YouTube