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Straight Outta Compton is the biggest movie in the country, but no everyone is totally thrilled with the presentation from “The World’s Most Dangerous Group.”

Eazy-E’s daughter, singer EB Wright, obviously has a dog in the fight, but she still made valid points on some of the glaring omissions the movie left out.

“A LOT of Eazy-E’s storyline was missing but that’s okay because I’m producing a documentary that will show EVERYTHING including his death,” the 22-year-old songwriter expressed on Twitter. “A lot of ‘Death Row’ story in what was the “N.W.A.” story … They don’t show that my dad went to court and still made money off of Death Row.”

She also pointed out how Ice Cube’s N.W.A diss “No Vaseline” got prime time placement but there was no mention of Eazy’s platinum ether “Real Compton City G’s.”

E.B. checked in with Hip-Hop Wired on the anniversary of her father’s death last year and she revealed her intention to tell Eazy’s story the right way, a point that she was sure to bring up in her tweets.

“Okay I’m going to be quiet now! Once again…Go see the movie and get educated and then wait on this documentary,” she concluded. Nonetheless, she still gave the movie its props, especially when it boiled down to the character acting.

Flip through the gallery below to see her Eazy-E’s daughter full statements, as well as some Tomica Woods-Wright slander.

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