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M.C. Hydare and his brother were working in a Pittsburgh, Pa. market last Friday (Aug. 14) when a pair of masked teens entered the store. One of them was brandishing a knife over a foot long, but Hydare had one up on the would-be thieves after he pulled a sword out and chased them out the store.

The struggle robbers entered the Perry Market on the city’s North Side around 10:00 p.m. local time last Friday, as shown on a surveillance video. One of the robbers went behind the counter looking to steal money. Adding to their issues, a customer stopped and held the other robber when the teen behind the counter pulled the knife. That’s when Hydare said his brother pulled out his knife and hit the robber’s knife before giving chase.

More from local outlet WPXI:

Investigators said that the juvenile who went behind the counter brandished a large silver knife that was more than one foot long. That’s when the cashier pulled out the sword to defend himself and chase off the juveniles.

“He had a sword, so he just removed the sword and attacked him. Then when he hit the sword that the dude had in his hand — my brother hit the sword — he ran away,” said Hydare.

The juvenile ran and grabbed several T-shirts, which he dropped upon running into the other juvenile, police said. Both of the juveniles, whose faces were hidden, were able to get away.

“I just want to give a message to them: Don’t try this. You can have money in a better way. Not this,” said Hydare. “Please stay away. Go and find work somewhere.”

Check out footage of M.C. Hydare and his brother get on their Crocodile Dundee “Is That A Knife” swag and almost serve the sword fade to a pair of would-be robbers in the clip below.

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Photo: WPXI