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The motor-powered hoverboard scooters have been one of the biggest fads of 2015 (and a catalyst for police attention if you’re Wiz Khalifa) and aside from the coolness factor, they appear to have needed a great deal of financial backing to get them off the ground.

Which is where billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban comes in. In a new lawsuit, he is claiming he is the original Don Dada of the hoverboard scooters’ patent and all competing companies better not get too comfortable with their gross earnings because they apparently belong to him.

Reports TMZ:

Mark Cuban says he and a business partner OWN the design of the 2-wheeled scooter — often mischaracterized as a “hoverboard” — and he’s vowing to crush all the knock-off companies.

Cuban says 2 weeks ago he partnered up with Shane Chen, who got a patent in 2014 for what he called a “two-wheel, self-balancing vehicle with independently movable foot placement sections.”

Chen included in his patent application a schematic of the vehicle, which has since been duplicated by numerous companies. Chen actually tried to market his design, which he called, “The Hovertrax.”

Chen sued one of the alleged knock-off companies — IO HAWK — in June, but now with Cuban’s firepower, the duo plans to go after all of the copycats.

We’ve learned Cuban has fired off a bunch of cease and desist letters to the various companies, demanding they stop production … or else.

The boards have blown up after a bunch of celebs, including Justin Bieber, Chris Brown and Wiz Khalifa, have been out and about on the device.

Cuban may be a bit on the aggressive side when it comes to going after what he wants (you don’t amass a $3 billion fortune from playing nice) but karma always has a way of vindicating individuals.

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