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New York Giants player Jason Pierre-Paul’s right hand probably looks even worse than you imagined. Originally reported that he lost a finger, from the looks recently released photos it’s clear that the defensive end lost all of his index index finger, some of his thumb and a good portion of his middle finger. 


Reports the New York Daily News:

Shocking images show a weary-looking JPP with his knuckle protruding from where his right index finger used to be and bandages on his thumb and middle finger.

He was spotted wearing a grey t-shirt that reads “What we do in life echoes in eternity” and features a football player holding the hand of a young child. The NFLPA partnered with the clothing company Muze in 2010 on the shirt, the proceeds of which help fund research and awareness of brain injuries.

Whether you’re an NFL player or any everyday civilian, leave fireworks to the professionals. Peep more photos of JPP’s hand right here.