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Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan has some very strong tie-ins with the Hip-Hop community and has met with several of its members since the inception of the culture.

So when asked about Beyoncé’s latest show-stealing performance at this year’s Made In America festival in an interview with HipHopSince1987, the 82-year-old longtime leader spoke bluntly about his conservative views.

“Look at Rihanna, look at Nicki Minaj and look at Beyoncé. These are some of the most beautiful well-formed women you could find…,” he said when asked about women in music today. From there, he expanded on his thoughts rather profoundly.

“Help us to be more sane. A man is made into a dog by a way a woman presents herself to a man. There ain’t no preacher out there that’s that holy that a woman can disrobe herself and a man can still think Bible, still think Quran. How do you rule a man? You rule him by the beauty of your body and the suggestion of sex. So when you strip a woman down, a man becomes a dog. You don’t make a man? You make him to treat you like an object of sex instead of the creative genius that you are.”

Later on he touched on the biggest takeaway from the interview: “You have to educate the managers. Jay Z is a good man. Jay Z is a good manager. But now, your woman is on display. Do you want men looking at your woman, being tempted by your woman, to make advances at your woman? Who wouldn’t want to be with Rihanna? Who wouldn’t want to be with Nick Minaj? But you strip them then their body is being used as the tool of the degradation of a woman and the subjection of a man.”

“To my brother Jay-Z: As much as I love and admire you, I want to see my sister, Beyoncé, beautifully covered… You’re responsible.”

Take a look at some of the reactions in the gallery below. Sounds like the people actually don’t agree.

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