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Patti LaBelle, the original don diva gitchi gitchi ya ya da da, almost came out of her pearls during a recent concert in Vancouver when a male fan she invited on stage began to strip while her biggest hit, “Lady Marmalade” blared from the speakers.

“Hold on. Hold up,” Ms. Patti yelled, halting the band when she noticed he was pushing the show past the PG-13 limit. “Don’t your dare. Not on my stage. No, thank you. Let me say something.”

As her hulking bodyguard walked over to handle business, LaBelle gave the fan the benefit of the doubt telling him, “I got this.”

She then began her showbiz rant: “I am 71-years-young. I am not Nicki Minaj or that little Miley,” as the audience cheered on. The man’s response? He stuck out his ass in similar fashion to the two mentioned pop stars, which infuriated the legendary singer.

“Oh, no! Get off of my Goddarn stage, b*tch!,” she yelled as she shoulder charged him from his stance. “And stay off! Put him out of the building! Put him out. How dare you.” The bodyguards immediately did want they were commanded.

After regaining her bearing, LaBelle addressed the crowd: “I’m sorry I didn’t let my security do what he had to do earlier. I believe in giving second and third and fourth chances, because I always say we know not what we do. Just so rude. A rude American, or whatever he is. Don’t ever come in my face again. Next!”

Patti LaBelle and the actions of her henchmen are no stranger to the media. Both parties are currently battling an ongoing lawsuit where a drunken Army cadet claims he caught an epic fade after he approached the celebrity.

“I need somebody bring some peace up in here,” continued LaBelle, addressing the crowd. “You know the devil was busy. The devil was here about twenty minutes ago. I saw it. I tried to block it. I’m so sorry you heard me say a bad word. I’m a Gemini, and things come out of my mouth sometimes.”

Watch the incident below.


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