Tyga and his California lifestyle is going to be death of his bank account.

The State of California recently glanced at their records and have learned that Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson has been skimming out on his residential taxes.

Reports TMZ:

Tyga is getting hit from every angle on the money front.

Kylie’s BF just got slapped with a tax lien from the State of California to the tune of $19,124.98. He allegedly shorted the Golden State on his 2009, 2010 and 2011 tax bills.

$20k would ordinarily be chump change for a rapper at his level, but he already owes his landlord $70k in back rent, and has lawsuits piling up.

It’s also not the first time Uncle Sam has come after Tyga … the feds hit Tyga last year with a $100k delinquent bill.

Things could be worse, but he’s dating Kylie so he’s got collateral.

Oh, what a time to be alive.

Photo: TNYF/

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