Azealia Banks is in the news for something other than her tweets, but it’s still not even her music, though. The “212” rapper went nuclear on a Delta flight when she allegedly got into a scuffle while trying to exit the plane.

Reports TMZ:

Azealia Banks went insane on a flight from New York to LAX Monday night, calling the flight attendant a “f***ing f***ot” … and it’s all on video.

A passenger sitting next to Banks tells TMZ, when the Delta flight landed just before 1 AM Tuesday, Azealia made a beeline for the front door. She had been sitting in seat 6A but a French couple in the 3rd row was blocking her exit as they pulled their luggage from the overhead bin.

The eyewitness says Azealia tried to squeeze by the couple when the French man put his hand out. Azealia, we’re told, went nuts. The eyewitness says she spit in the man’s face, punched him in the face and clawed at his shirt.

At that point we’re told the flight attendant grabbed Azealia’s bag and told her to calm down. She lost her balance, fell to the seat, stood up and then a tug-of-war over the luggage ensued. This is where the video begins.

Azealia demands to take her bag and leave, and eventually calls the flight attendant a “f***ing f***ot” — a homophobic slur.

Banks has yet to tweet her side of the story, but you can bet it’s just a matter of time before she does. [UPDATE: She did, then deleted the tweets, which can be seen on the next page (also, her account is now private she’s back)]

In the video Banks is seen pleading for her bag. What was the hold up? Banks was reportedly detained by authorities but the French couple chose not to press charges.

We gotta hear both sides. Nevertheless, she can’t blame Black media for this struggle.

Photo: TMZ

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