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While there are those who question the veracity of white privilege, one particularly angry white guy in Brooklyn is a true believer. We know because he was caught on cell phone raging against a couple who bumped into his leg with a stroller. 

There are so many levels of comedy at play here.

Apparently, the angry white guy “fights for a living.” He said, and we quote, “Don’t f*cking come at me. I will kill you.”

He’s also been in the neighborhood, and the only reason white people, that push strollers into people’s legs, get to live there is because he “settled” the neighborhood first.

What a guy.

Then, when the woman with the stroller said, “You’re a sick f*ck,” Angry White Man responded, while aggressively pointing, with:

“You’re a sick f*ck. White privilege. White f*cking privilege! You pushed your stroller right into me, and all I say was ‘Excuse you,’ and then you said, ‘F*ck you, f*ck you!’ F*ck you, you white trash. You f*cking white trash!”

Watch below. It’s glorious.

Photo: YouTube