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Early this week, a generally panned sex tape featuring Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Nikki Mudarris hit the Internets. The reality star is now threatening to sue anyone who posts the clip, and also accused ex-boyfriend and producer Mally Mall of leaking the salacious content. 

According to TMZ, Nikki’s lawyer has warned websites that posted the clip to take it down, or face a lawsuit. Also, his client had no idea it was being released.

Nikki took to Twitter, of course, to relay that she was horrified the footage was made public and to maintain that she was unaware she was being taped.

“Can’t trust anyone not even a man you were Sleepin with. People are so malicious to harm you & f*ck up your brand in anyway. Smh. God got U,” she tweeted on Wednesday (Sept. 30). “You will never WIN being evil.”

She then swiftly threw her sex tape co-star under the bus, adding, “Moral of the story. NEVER sleep with your enemy. They will do whatever to hurt you.”

Umm, you didn’t see the cell phone in his hand when you looked back between backshots? Just asking.

Check out the tweets, and Mally Mal’s retort, on the following pages.

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