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More (alleged) details are being uncovered in the text messaging Victor Cruz scandal and no, they’re not doing the injured wide receiver any favors.

In case you missed it, yesterday October 7, the New York Giants star’s fiancée, Elaina Watley, allegedly sent out a massive text message to several women who engaged in extramarital activity with the 28-year-old pro athlete. According to new findings by BSO, there were around 200 women being subjected to Watley’s text, who caught her soon-to-be hubby sending pictures of his junk to a few of them.

The validity of the text hasn’t been verified by any outlet or party but it is speculated that one of the women sent out the message to the press and it has since spread out like wildfire.

Watley has since made her Instagram page private thanks to all the newfound attention. However, it appears their engagement is still on. Will they at least consider counseling beforehand?

As you can guess, a new wave of slander and jokes has hit the web. Take a look at the best of the best in the gallery below.

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