Suge Knight’s pending murder trial for the death of Terry Carter has overshadowed the fact that the embattled former Death Row CEO previously engaged in some shenanigans involving a female paparazzo and Katt Williams.

A Los Angeles judge ordered the two high-profile figures to stand trial over the September 2014 incident, reports the NYDailyNews. It will be an easy trip for Knight, 50, to make the journey to the courtroom, as he’s currently being held without bail for the aforementioned first-degree murder charge.

On the date in question, the woman, Leslie Redden, began to snap pictures of both of the celebrities when an altercation ensued over the allegation that her camera was being stolen from her person.

“Why you taking pictures of my motherf—ing son?” Knight was heard yelling the video. “I’ll tell you what. I got a bitch that will beat your motherf—ing ass. Get that bitch over here. Get her s–t,” Knight ordered as ordering Redden began making a break for it.

Redden testified in court yesterday, October 13, and claimed after the camera stopped rolling, the beatings started coming.

“I just remember looking in his eyes and realizing it was getting very dangerous,” she recalled, referencing Knight. “My head was going back and forth. My head hit a couple things,” she said. “Katt Williams pulled my camera off my right shoulder.”

It was said in court that two unidentified women carried about the assault at the behest of Suge. Redden also said she actually had no interest in capturing the rap mogul as she was there for Williams, the more relevant celebrity at the time. She also said she never got the camera back and combined with the concussion she suffered during the melee, has long-term physical damage that has affected her ability to work.

Suge Knight & Katt Williams are due in court on October 27. All eyes will be on Knight to see if he pulls another fainting stunt. Watch him in the video above, not paying attention in court of favor of wishing his six-year-old son a Happy Birthday.

Photo: Associated Press Video Screenshot

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