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Donald Trump has amassed a bevy of passionate supporters while on the campaign trial for the GOP presidential nomination, but it appears that those same supporters might be getting out of line. Allegedly, one of Trump’s backers spat into the face of protesters angry at the mogul’s anti-immigration stances and there was also a scuffle last night in Virginia.

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The protesters began to speak up when Trump talked about immigration. His supporters cheered to drown them out while Trump said it’s their First Amendment right, while still predicting the ‘dishonest” media would run headlines about the hecklers instead of all the thousands of people who didn’t heckle him (which, no, since when has not heckling someone been news?).

But as CNN reported tonight, before the protesters were removed from the room, things got physical between the roughly-dozen protesters and a few of Trump’s supporters.

CNN’s report showed what must have occurred after the Trump supporter allegedly spat in the face of a protester. That video is featured below.

A video posted by CNN’s Jeremy Diamond appears on the next page and we caution that you mind the volume on your speakers as vulgar language is used.

Photo: CNN

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