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Tyshawn Lee was “lured” to a Chicago alley and murdered execution-style not far from his grandmother’s house, authorities revealed Thursday (Nov. 5). Police believe the slaying was over the father’s alleged gang ties.

Chicago Superintendent Gary McCarthy described it as one the most “abhorrent, cowardly, and unfathomable” crimes he’s witnessed in 35 years in law enforcement. “Everybody is sick, everybody is disgusted.”

Lee’s father, Pierre Stokes, “has ties to a certain gang that has conflict with another gang,” McCarthy said. A $35,000 reward is being offered for information in Lee’s death. Police say they’re having trouble getting people to step forward possibly out of fear of retaliation.

Stokes, 25, hasn’t admitted to any gang affiliations. He does believe his son was intentionally targeted based on how the child was killed. “If it wasn’t a target he wouldn’t have got hit so many times in the back and face,” he told the Chicago Tribune. “I think he was targeted.”

Lee was murdered Monday (Nov. 2), Stokes says police stalled in removing the child’s body from the crime scene. “My son was out there in the cold for hours and hours and I was tying to figure where was the ambulance to come pick him up, why is he out here for so long.”

McCarthy says Stokes hasn’t been cooperative while, Stokes asserts to answering “ every question” asked, and feels the cops are more focussed on him than solving the murder. “They’re not asking me questions that I know. I don’t know the questions that they asked me.”

He believes Stokes may know who killed his son.“I don’t think he’s a witness to it, so I’m not sure how he could help us,” explained McCarthy.“But I could tell you this, I’m a father, many of us here are fathers. My reaction would be a little bit different.”

Lee’s mother was distraught and had to be held up while pleading for anyone with information to speak out. She described Lee as a child who kept to himself and loved playing video games. “I miss my son,” she said through tears.

The fourth-grader’s murder is the “most recent in a series of gang-related, violent events,” McCarthy said. A “person of interest” walked into police headquarters Wednesday (Nov. 4) with an attorney and was questioned for nine hours, but ultimately released.

“A baby was assassinated in this alley. We have hit a new low,” said Father Michael Pfleger who launched a GoFundMePage to help the child’s family.

Lee’s funeral is scheduled for next Tuesday, Nov. 10.

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