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Child stars grow up to be adults. That’s just the circle of life. What happens with the actor or actress after they move on from the show that gave them their first taste of fame depends on upbringing, focus and sometimes a bit of luck.

In the case of Parker McKenna Posey, the former cute and cuddly kid who starred as Kady Kyle opposite Damon Wayans and Tisha Campbell-Martin on the popular 2000s sitcom My Wife and Kids, time has been extremely kind to all of her attributes. Since the show ended in 2005, Posey has scooped up numerous roles on made-for-TV films to keep her skills sharp and it appears she hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface on her full potential.

Now 20-years-old, the young starlet has gained a sizeable following on her social media accounts because quite frankly, she looks damn good. However there is a fine line between flaunting ones asset and just being plain thirsty for attention. Thankfully, PKP knows how to make her selfies look classy and sexy simultaneously. She’s also a diehard Problem fan so she also knows good Hip-Hop music when she hears it.

Check out what Parker McKenna Posey looks like in the present day via the gallery below. Nothing but excellence ahead.


Photos: Instagram / Parker McKenna Posey

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