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If these walls could talk, they would say Kendrick Lamar is the sh*t and he’s putting it down for the purest form of Hip-Hop music.

During his latest pit stop in New York City for the Kunta’s Groove Sessions Tour, K. Dot decided to take a break from his virtuoso style of emceeing and give fans the skinny how

“Within six months of good kid, m.A.A.d city dropping, the life of what I knew or knew what I was or think I knew, that shit changed within six months,” the Grammy Award-winning rap star told the packed house of Webster Hall. “And you’re going through the vultures of the world telling you you’re great and you’re trying to make yourself believe that, but it’s hard because you’re institutionalized from where you come from.”

Released in October of 2012, Kendrick’s studio debut album went on to become a certified classic and the entry point he needed to be mentioned amongst music’s elite. His follow-up To Pimp a Butterfly has been subjected to extreme critiques on both sides of the spectrum, but the conversation has managed to keep the album alive when traditional means of promotion have since faded.

“I think this sh*t could live forever,” he continued. “I’m looking at y’alls faces. I got some of the most loyal, dedicated fans in the world and New York is one of them. Don’t mind me I could talk all day. To Pimp A Butterfly. God allowed this motherf*cking album to soar all the way to the top, with no motherf*cking commercial success. God allowed this to be top-tier without a radio single and sh*t.”

“I got some of the most loyal, dedicated fans in the world,” K. Dot said, thanking the audience for their support.

Watch Kendrick Lamar’s impromptu outro in the video above and flip through the gallery below to see the highlights of the show taken by YouTube user Jermaine Maxwell.


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