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Ten years ago, Scott Storch’s phone was on constant ring as he was Hip-Hop’s reigning go-to producer at the moment. A year prior in 2004, his name become a topic of household conversation as he was the catalyst for Fat Joe’s biggest solo hit with “Lean Back” and he went on to score records for two of the biggest Hip-Hop albums in 50 Cent’s The Massacre and The Game’s initial installment of The Documentary.

Since a coin flips both ways, Storch proved how much a difference a year can make on both ends of the spectrum when it was 2006 where he decided to enjoy the spoils of his production achievements–$70 million worth–and indulge in cocaine, women and lavish vacations.

This past June, it was widely reported that he blew through most of his fortune and filed for bankruptcy.

Everybody likes a comeback story and Storch, now older, wiser and most importantly clean of coke, chopped it up with Hip-Hop Wired to detail said comeback. He recently made waves again via his production on Rick Ross’ new jam with Chris Brown, “Sorry” and how he’s gotten back in the studio with Mario for a full-length project. He also harked on his strained relationship with Dr. Dre and how drugs were the once invincible tag team’s undoing.

“I think most I regret the way I treated Dr. Dre after he so graciously opened the doors to his kingdom to me. I know the mistakes I made were 100% drug induced,” Scott Storch tells Hip-Hop Wired. Now that The Good Doctor is making music again, anything could happen.

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