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Pattie LaBelle will be hosting the viral star who made her pies fly off Walmart shelves for Thanksgiving dinner. The R&B diva revealed that James Wright Chanel aka the singing pie man and Questlove will be a couple of her dinner guests.

Reports Philadelphia’s Fox 29:

Patti told FOX 29 that she has invited James Wright Chanel to Philadelphia and they will spend the Thanksgiving holidays together.

She’s even going to cook for him!

“You give love to people who give you love,” Patti said. “And you know, I didn’t expect a viral video.”

Patti also gave Quincy the dish about her plans for her Thanksgiving meal.

She’s having quite a few people over for the meal, so her son is making four fried turkeys. However, she says they have different cooking strategies.

Her son follows recipes whereas Ms. LaBelle says, “I’m a soulful cook. I cook from the mind.”

A lot of people will probably still be calling for LeBelle to write  James Wright a check. But seriously, how much would be enough to quiet the pie gallery? Also, if he can’t flip his 15 minutes, and counting, of fame into some dollars on his own (see what we did there?), that’s on him.

Check out the Fox 29 segment below.

Photo: Fox 29