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The Internet should never fail to amaze anyone at this point. Pick a topic; any topic and social media users will find an incredible way to entertain the universe with.

Even if we’re talking about Pope Francis himself.

The 266th leader of the Roman Catholic Church was recently spotted out in a mosque in the Central African Republic in Bangui, bridging the gap between Islam and Christianity, but that isn’t the biggest story from his recent public appearance. A particular photo of Pope Francis speaking to a crowd eerily looked like his worship was spitting a rap with his microphone for the crowd who had gathered around him and the Internet went wild. It all started with Twitter user @APieNTheSky, and hours later, a created one of the single greatest phenomenons on the net with the #PopeBars hashtag.

Check out some examples down below.

Flip through the gallery below to see some much more heavenfire.

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