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Whether Amber Rose is actually a feminist will be debated from here to eternity, or until she stops thirst trapping. Nevertheless, the woman fighting to not be known as Kanye West’s ex or Wiz Khalifa’s baby mama was photographed by Paper magazine in the guise of iconic feminists and female leaders.

Says Paper:

“I would look on [Wiz’s] Instagram and he would have pictures of all these women all over him… and then I would post a picture of me and my son. And people would be like, ‘Does your son know that his mother’s a whore?'” she says. “People are like, ‘Wiz is out fucking mad bad bitches and you’re at home crying over him because he’s the best thing that fucking ever happened to you and now you’re just a fat, bald-headed single mother and no one will ever love you.’ So yeah, I guess months of seeing shit like that, I was just like, ‘I can’t live like this. There’s something wrong.'”

Rose has of late been reborn as a feminist hero whose goal is to empower women and help them realize that there is no shame in enjoying one’s sexuality. It’s an issue she understands well, as the first time she was called a “slut” was in the eighth grade at a party where she was playing Seven Minutes in Heaven with a group of classmates, one of whom took her in the closet and told her to get down on her knees.

Yeah, that’s foul. But still probably not enough to Sway the Amber Rose is an opportunist conglomerate.

Check out the pics from the photo shoot below and on the flip.

Photos: Paper

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