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Slim Jesus is the latest white rapper to go viral and nestle is way into the rap game off the strength of his song “Drill Time”; an aggressive, gun-toting anthem released in late summer that bigs up the Hamilton, Ohio native in a superthug light.

But could it be the lyrics simply display a studio gangsta painting the most common stereotype and cheapest entry to Hip-Hop notoriety?

A recent exhibition of hoe card-pulling at a Canadian concert would allude to that notion to being an absolute yes.

While Slim Jesus was out in Toronto over the weekend performing his only hit to date, he was bumrushed by an angry fan with dreads (think KRS-ONE to PM Dawn in the early 90s) only to have his microphone snatched from his clutches, only for the man to look him dead in the face and scream: “Support real Hip-Hop, B*TCH.”

Slim Jesus could only sheepishly grin while his “entourage” also cowered in the back. The man who pulled off the caper has now been identified as Canadian rapper, Black Jesus, who used the manuever to bring attention to his equally tepid new single.

Watch the soon-to-be viral video down below. Do you think this will end Slim Jesus’ tough talk reign? Let us know in the comment section.

Photo: YouTube/WhatTheHYPE

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