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White woman dating expert and self-promoting music journalist Ernest Baker has been accused of using his hands for more than just pumping out articles and boastful tweets. Baker has been accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend and managing editor of Complex, Lauren Nostro.

Baker’s saga essentially unfolded in parts beginning Wednesday (Dec. 2). Writer and the couple’s mutual friend Meaghan Garvey tweeted about Baker and Nostro’s alleged scuffle.

Nostro posted a photo of her bruised face, which she eluded happened as a result of Baker. The photo, captioned “I’m a little tired of hiding this so since everyone knows, here’s what your fave writer did” referenced a May incident between the pair. The fight, which was confirmed by Page Six‘s sources, took place in the former couple’s Bed-Stuy apartment.

From Page Six:

The couple, who were going through a breakup, argued over keys and unpaid bills. During the argument, Nostro allegedly broke Baker’s ATM card in half, prompting Baker to choke her before tossing her inside a closet. Nostro fell, hitting her chin on the floor, which caused a laceration requiring her to get almost 20 stitches at Woodhull Medical Center. She filed a police report regarding the incident on Sept. 20.

Baker was arrested on Nov. 19 for misdemeanor assault, harassment, criminal obstruction of breathing and menacing. He was arraigned and freed without bail.

Baker took to Twitter Thursday in a bid to clear his name in the matter, claiming that Nostro extorted him to be silent and said she’d use her race as a means to get the authorities to believe her side.

“My ex-girlfriend is a racist abusive liar and the scar that she carries on her face is, sadly, a direct result of her violence,” he wrote. Essentially, Baker is putting the entire incident on Nostro it appears.

Baker was back in the news claiming he was the reason for the name of Drake and Future’s collaborative project, What A Time To Be Alive. He’s also tweeted this gem, “[I]n the past year i’ve gotten a book deal, become a world famous DJ, revolutionized journalism and impregnated wifey. next year gonna be wild.”

Baker exploded onto the writing scene after penning a 2014 Gawker piece titled, “How To Date White Women When Your’e Black,” sparking him to ink a book publishing deal for a related book. Rumors have surfaced that Grand Central Publishing has dropped Baker from its roster.

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