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Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq has been getting dragged by many, particularly Chicago natives, since the film’s title was revealed. Chi-Town product Chance The Rapper eloquently broke down why so many locals aren’t feeling Spike’s latest joint.

“Let me be the one from Chicago to personally tell you we not supporting this film out here,” said Chance, via Twitter yesterday (Dec. 4). “That sh*t get ZERO love out here. Shit is goofy and it’s a bunch of ppl from NOT around here telling u to support that sh*t.”

But outsiders—Lee is a Brooklyn native—making the film isn’t the only beef.

He continued: “The people that made that sh*t didn’t do so to ‘Save Lives’. It’s exploitive and problematic.”

My only problem with Chance’s spiel is he, like most of the film’s loudest critics, have yet to actually watch the film and are spitting their vitriol strictly off the trailer.

Read  more of Chance’s problems with Chi-Raq on the following pages. Let us know what you think of Chance’s explanation in the comments.

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