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Donald Trump currently maintains his ongoing frontrunning status as the leading GOP candidate for the 2016 presidency. But what remains troubling is that Trump’s supporters are backing some of his zanier proposed policies, including a national registry of Jewish people.

As reported by Raw Story, the Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper spoke with a group of Trump supporters on Tuesday. What ensued is that these supporters blindly follow the policies of the business mogul. To be accurate, Trump has not made such an announcement for such a registry but it’s not far outside his bombastic wheelhouse.

From Raw Story:

“This is a group that doesn’t like statistics, thinks Muslims need not apply,” Klepper said. “Some would consider rounding the Jews.”

The latter statement was not hyperbole. When asking the group to put down their Trump signs if he named a policy idea that would make them fail to vote for the candidate, Klepper found that two of them would still back the GOP front-runner even if he proposed a “national registry of Jews.”

He also found that Trump’s mockery of reporter Serge Kovaleski and call for Muslims to be registered had no effect on the group, as none of the participants indicated any reluctance to support the candidate because of either incident.

Klepper also clashed with one group member who supported Trump’s allegation that most immigrants coming into the US from Mexico are criminals.

“I think the statistics are there,” the woman said.

“I think the vast majority of your statistics are bullsh*t,” Klepper shot back.

Watch the Donald Trump portion of Tuesday’s Daily Show episode in the clip below.

Photo: WENN