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Once upon a time, V-Nasty dropped an album with Gucci Mane but she was better known as being the white girl rapper who casually and repeatedly used the N-word. While appearing on the No Jumper podcast, the Bay Area rapper still liberally uses the N-word, and defended her uncanny ignorance. 

Reports Complex:

“I was just always being myself on the camera,” V-Nasty says around the seven-minute mark of the interview. “What made me be seen was like, me saying ‘n*gga.’ They like, ‘Oh this white girl’s saying “n*gga.”‘ What? That’s all you looking at? You don’t know what I been through. You don’t know my struggle. You don’t know what I seen. I’m a n*gga! I’m a n*gga! I am a n*gga.”

When asked to expand on her rationale for using the word, V-Nasty said, “I got a dick and balls,” and added, “It’s just a term of endearment, like, ‘That’s my n*gga.’ I’m a n*gga. Everybody my n*gga. It’s just a word. Fuck a race. Fuck white, black, Puerto Rican, Asian, all that.” The tone-deaf comments continued when V-Nasty offered: “We came from that environment, the streets, the struggle.” 

We would give more insight about the interview (she speaks on how hard it was to be a pioneering white girl rapper—the horror), but who are we kidding—no one should give any f*cks about this ignoramus.

This is strictly for archival purposes, and if you condone her behavior, you’re part of the problem. No matter what Mistah F.A.B. says about it, her having the audacity to keep offending people from the culture she claims to be a part of (despite criticism) is a textbook example of white privilege.

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