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The Internet is known to (attempt) to kill off celebrities who are in perfectly good health and it appears OG Maco is the latest victim of a death hoax. Or near-death hoax we should say.

A Reddit thread recently made its way onto social media thanks to the speculation that “U Guessed It” rapper was suffering from HIV and/or AIDS.

The leaked audio recording below highlights a wheezing man apologizing to a woman for his transgressions and allegedly spreading the disease to other sexual partners and for some reason, it got attributed to OG Maco being on the other end of the phone.

XXL reports that OG Maco, whose real name is Maco Mattix, is also known as “Ben” in some small circles, which may how the vicious rumor was started.

A fed up OG Maco took the time out on his social media to respond to the accusation and he indeed confirmed it was false.

“Despite the vicious rumors, I am in fine health and have no degenerative or deadly diseases. My best holiday wishes to the person spreading this irresponsible and cruel rumor throughout social media, but know we are unmoved and will not falter in the face [of] such cowardly and underhanded tactics,” he wrote. The Atlanta native also stated one of his friend’s died yesterday.

OG Maco’s iPhone statement can be seen below.

Photo: Instagram / OG Maco