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This will certainly bring a smile to the faces of 80’s babies. Voltron is getting the reboot (“reimagining”) treatment not as a live action movie but a new cartoon TV series on Netflix. 

Reports io9:

The instant DreamWorks Animation acquired Classic Media’s stable of animated properties in 2013, it started talking about a Voltron reboot. Given the decade(!) of talk about a live-action Voltron movie, most people generally assumed DreamWorks would also be making a film. Apparently not!

A new deal between DWA and Netflix confirms that the timeless story of five color-coded lion robots and the giant, sword-winging form they join to form will now be an animated series, not a mere movie, theoretically debuting on the streaming service at some point ater this year. It will be joined by its fellow cartoon Trollhunters, which is of course one of director Guillermo del Toro’s 18-bazillion projects he currently has in-progress.

Netflix stays winning.

Photo: screen cap