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When Meek Mill shocked the world and went for Drake’s neck last summer and no one yet knew exactly what led to the unprovoked attack. Was it jealousy? Envy? Hate? Enter DJ Drama.

According to Meek, it was Drake’s use of a ghostwriter that made him feel a certain ways about the 6 God and the credit he gets for being considered the best in the game.

At the peak of the Meek Mill and Drake fracas, DJ Drama was embroiled into the beef when his ex-wife, Summer Walker, claimed that it was none other than Rich Homie Dram who leaked the infamous Drake reference tracks which helped further the claims that the Toronto rapper uses ghostwriters.

But after the Canadian singer dropped bars, Meek took the L, and social media mercilessly slandered the losing party. The scandal died down and everyone went their own ways; for at least a little while.

Just when everyone thought the beef was cooked, served, and digested, Meek Mill seems poised to force a round 2 with the release of 4/4 where the Philly rapper rehashes his issues with Drizzy and in doing so gave new life to a dead carcass.

This week the ATL DJ went on the Rap Radar podcast and though he hesitated to give his two cents on the feud (“With respect to those guys, that’s not really my story to tell”) he did take the opportunity to deny any involvement in the release of the reference tracks.

Drama emphatically stated, “I know one thing though, I definitely am not no leaker of no records. I put out records that people give me blessings to put out. I gotta lay that to rest. None of that sh*t was from me.”

With a name like DJ Drama you’d think he’d be all about the theatrics, but according to him, he’s not. So the question remains, if not him then who was it that leaked the reference tracks? Does anyone really care anymore? The plot thickens?

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