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Tashera Simmons is announcing her separation from rapper DMX.

Tashera, who recently revealed plans to release a memoir of her life with the New York rapper, has officially separated from X and plans to star in a reality show to chronicle her life without her famous husband.

The reality show is reportedly being shopped to several networks and tentatively titled Tashera Simmons…Life After X.”

More details on the reality show are forthcoming.

As previously reported, Simmons is collaborating with author Aiya S. King for her memoir, Tashera Simmons…Strength of A Woman.

The Simmons matriarch has released a statement on her upcoming book saying,

“It’s not a tell-all, I want to clear that up. It’s a memoir, it’s a story about our life, my life, and our life together…I think reading my book, it explains everything. I’m talking about everything, from my childhood when I was abandoned by my mother and left to take care of my siblings, to when me and Earl (DMX) first met at 11 and we got together at 18 and I’m starting from there until then on…It’s a positive tell all.”

X was recently released from prison after serving 4 months of a 6 month sentence for probation violation.

Hopefully they settle their differences peacefully and don’t end up like Nas and Kelis…