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Chris Brown has a Black Pyramid clothing line that didn’t get the best response from his fans on Instagram this weekend, and he didn’t exactly welcome the criticism. Instead of quietly digesting  consumer feedback, Brown opted to spazz on Team Breezy for daring to have an opinion on the very clothes he’s attempting to sell them. 

Customer service is clearly not his strong point. At least one of the many items he posted (a strange fusion of jogging pants and jeans, like the world needs more of this) got so many bad comments, maybe he was just tired of reading them.

Be that as it may, Brown didn’t have to respond, but like other celebrities attempting a run in the fashion world, he’s sensitive to critique.

Brown told one person who complained about the pricing: “If you can’t buy it, then take your broke a** to Target.” Another fan had an issue with a 90’s style $98.00 windbreaker that looks like it could be found at a thrift store for about $5.00, or less. “You b*tch n*ggas killing over Jordan’s [sic] waiting in line outside for Yeezys for days. My prices are H&M AND ZARA PRICES,” Brown responded back. “I’m not running for president nor did I say u had to buy anything. So LIKE I ALWAYS SAY…TASTE THIS FART I BEEN HOLDING ON THIS PLANE TO PARIS sh*theads.”

Damn Breezy, was it that serious? Probably not.


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Photo: Instagram

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