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Jada Pinkett Smith has officially responded to Chris Rock’s shade at the Oscar late last month. To put it bluntly, she doesn’t care about his opinion, but she’s not taking it personal.

Rock threw Mrs. Smith in his opening monologue addressing the #OscarssoWhite drama. The comedian said Jada’s boycott of this year’s ceremony was pointless because she wasn’t asked to attend anyway. “Jada boycotting the Oscars is like me boycotting Rihanna’s panties: I wasn’t invited!”

The 44-year-old actress responded to Rock this past weekend.  “It comes with the territory,” she told  X-17 online adding, “We got to keep it moving, there’s a lot of stuff we got to handle. A lot of stuff in our world right now. We got to keep it moving.”

Anyone is fair game in comedy, and it seems that Smith realizes he was kidding. In related news, Rock’s jokes didn’t go hard enough to raise the show’s ratings this year.

Photo: WENN