At some point in their discography every rapper has a rhyme or a line they wish they could take back. Sean Chung, a 20-year-old aspiring MC, has just found that out the hard way.

Otherwise known as JP Smoov, Chung was out on bail when he found himself remanded to Rikers Island after a judge came across a rap video he shot two years ago. In the visual the Queens rapper allegedly threatened District Attorney Richard Brown with the line “Tell the judge to get off my c*ck, put the DA in a box.”

Already facing up to 25 years behind bars for his alleged participation in the Q borough based SNOW Gang murder plots, chances were Chung was going to be held accountable for anything the judge deemed damning no matter how old it was.

The video in question has since been removed.

Reports Gothamist:

The video was uploaded to YouTube in November, and Chung was sent back to Riker’s on February 22nd. After a week in Rikers, he was attacked from behind and stabbed in the head by two Riker’s inmates.

Chung’s lawyer, Audrey Thomas, says her client had been trying to turn his life around, having re-enrolled in college and finding religion. Thomas tells the Daily News that the song predates Chung’s arrest by two years, adding, “He’s been rapping since he was 15, he was arrested at 18. Whatever happened to the First Amendment? Why is it that Mr. Chung goes to jail on remand status when Donald Trump can… threaten to murder the families of terrorists?”

Now this begs the question, should Donald Trump or Ted Cruz become the next POTUS, will they have Nas thrown under the jail for that “Kidnap the President’s wife without a plan” line he dropped 25 years ago? After talking about their d*ck sizes at the latest Republican debate we can’t put anything past those savages.

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