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If Kylie Jenner had a quarter for every time Tyga made a fool out of himself – and her in the process – she’d be the Arcade Queen of the Kardashian clan. After catching extreme slander last week for posting a picture of him and Tupac wearing the same Duke college jersey with a caption that read “Dad,” Tyga doubled down on the statement.

TMZ caught up with Kylie Jenner’s boo-boo at LAX and suggested that Tupac was more of a father figure to him than his currently incarcerated father.

Now, lots of kids grow up without a father figure and it’s all good to dress and emulate your role models and heroes and such is even expected… when you’re a kid. The man is 26-years-old and playing dress alike on social media. He should’ve known this would happen.

But then again Tyga has been bathing in the “fountain of youth” for the past few years so something was bound to give.

Peep the video for his heartfelt explanation below.

Photo: screen cap