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19 people and 340 were injured during the Love Parade in Duisburg, Germany!

Hundreds of thousands of people danced in the streets of Duisburg on Saturday, oblivious to the carnage at the tunnel, the only entrance that drew 1.4 million people to the festival

Police updated the death toll to 19 people and said 340 were injured as fresh accounts emerged of the horrible scenes that unfolded as thousands who piled into the tunnel became caught in a crush.

Survivors described the scene as a horror movie, while television pictures showed the unconscious and the dead being passed over the heads of those who were frantically trying to escape. However, most party-goers remained unaware of the incident and kept on dancing as authorities.

The authorities decided not to tell people of the stampede and deaths, to avoid even more panic at the festival and played it off as if nothing happened. “There was no planning, no one knew what was going on,” he added.

Media reports said the festival grounds were only big enough to contain around 250,000 people, while around six times that number turned up.