It’s eight months into the trial and it’s coming down to a jury compiled of OJ Simpson’s peers. But whereas the jurors were once excited and giddy to be a part of the trial of the century, they now find themselves frustrated pawns in a metaphorical game of dodgeball between Marcia Clark and Johnnie Cochran.

In the latest episode (Mar. 22) of The People V. OJ Simpson, the DA’s office has to deal with the fallout of Glove Gate while going back and forth with the dream team on jury selection 2.0. And boy are these jurors ready to go… home.

Having been treated like prisoners by the guards, experiencing a racial divide amongst each other and getting into disagreements over things like what to watch on TV (Seinfeld lost the popular vote to Martin in an unexpected upset), the jurors are on edge and ready to jump all over each other.

Hit the flip and check how the trial of the century went from a game of chess to a round of Connect Four in our recap to episode 8 of The People V. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story.

Photo: FX

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