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A Texas college student pinched pennies to fulfill a childhood promise to his family. Last week, 24-year-old Stefun Darts presented his grandparents with a $15,000 check to pay off the mortgage on their home.

Darts was in the second grade when he vowed to cover their mortgage payments, but according to his mother, he’s always been the type to ask if anyone “needed help with anything.”

The San Jacinto College student has been living a frugal life for years. ”I’ve been eating pizza, microwave pizza for all my life,” he told KHOU. “My friends will tell you I never did go out.  They didn’t know, but this was the reason why.”

His grandparents paid their mortgage on time every month for more than two decades. It would’ve taken them four more years to cover the final balance.

Thanks to Darts, their home is officially paid in full. “To have a grandson like this is a blessing,” said Wyatt’s grandmother, Marilyn Roberts.

Besides paying off the house, Darts also gave his grandparents a trip to the Bahamas.

Watch video of the surprise below.