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Yesterday (March 28), Twitter went nuclear over the alleged love triangle between NBA point guard Kyrie Irving, Grammy nominated singer/songwriter Kehlani and OVO crooner PartyNextDoor. An unfortunate result of the jokes and slander was Kehlani being hospitalized after a suicide attempt

The hashtag #StayStrongKehlani started trending today (March 29) in support of the singer’s recovery, but it’s also being used by those who are essentially pointing at the jig.

Many people are calling out the fact that the same people partaking in the Kehlani slander are the same ones now using #StayStrongKehlani. A good number of people also are noting that online bullying can lead people with personal problems to react dangerously.

Of course, there are also the usual conspiracy theorists questioning whether or not Kehlani actually did try to commit suicide. According to TMZ, Kehlani has been placed on a psychiatric hold because medics reported she “wanted to harm herself.”

Unfortunately, many times a suicide attempt is indeed a plea for help (and at least a hint at possible mental health issues). But we should all agree that there is nothing funny about suicide.

Understanding and empathy is what a person who goes to such an extreme needs. However, spilling all your personal business to everyone on the public forum that is social media usually does way more harm than good.

Let us know where you stand on the #StayStrongKehlani hashtag in the comments or online. See notable reactions—from all perspectives—below and on the following pages.


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