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A former Philadelphia police officer was sentenced to 15 years in prison after prosecutors say he plotted to steal $1.5 million in cocaine from as an undercover agent police planted as a suspected drug dealer.

34-year-old Alhinde Weems was arrested after authorities say he tried to use his badge to enter the home of an undercover agent posing as a drug dealer to rob him of the illegal substance.

Prosecutors also say Weems had previously sold cocaine and had his service weapon ready to use against the undercover officer if necessary.

At his sentencing, Weems told a federal judge that his was depressed and acting irrationally after suffering a head injury in a bike accident while his friends said he felt pressure to support his wife and their five children.

Weems is one of several recent cases in Philadelphia of officers trying to rob drug dealers.

As previously reported Officers Mark Williams, James Venziale and Robert Snyder were convicted on a 14-count indictment for scheming to steal $15,000 worth of heroin from a supplier and sell it to citizens of Philadelphia.