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Lil Wayne is from New Orleans but best believe that Atlanta Hip-Hop has influenced him greatly. He proves this in a Genius clip where he spits some of CeeLo’s verse on “Goodie Bag.”

In the latest video from Rob Markman’s sitdown with the 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne, the influence of Goodie Mob on both artists is brought up. When 2 Chainz begins to wax poetic about the foursome, Lil Wayne interrupts and starts rapping the verse word for word. Although he spat it faster and without CeeLo‘s flow, it was an impressive showing none the least.

When Wayne stops to talk about the impact that Goodie Mob had on him, he says their music “changed my life” and altered the way he approaches music.

“I’ve been listening to Goodie Mob since I was in seventh grade,” he says in the video. “I found out it was OK to rap positive. [I learned] if you’re spitting, you’ve got their ears so you might as well take advantage.”

Watch the entire clip where Wayne also talks about his approach to Mannie Fresh beats below.

Photo: Screen shot