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Waka Flocka Flame just might have made history during his recent trip to Seattle. The 29-year old rapper managed to overdose on weed.

Waka Flocka Flame was in Seattle with DJ Whoo Kid promoting music among other things and it looks like he decided to partake in the cities favorite product outside of Starbucks Coffee, weed. In case you didn’t know, marijuana has been legal in Washington state since 2012 and officially hit retail in 2014.

However, the proudly vegan rapper seems to have over indulged according to pictures on his Instagram page. In a photo taken in the back of an ambulance, Waka can be seen laid out on a gurney, seemingly unconscious, with paramedics tending to him.

According to the accompanying caption, Waka’s condition can be blamed on eating edibles (that’s brownies, cookies or other baked treats made with weed) and smoking 20 or so blunts.

Fortunately Waka survived and ha since went back to posting and promoting on his Instagram page. He couldn’t have been in too much pain though, from the looks of the picture above the smirk on his face give us the impression that was resting just fine.

Photo: Instagram