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It appears as if the the world did some lurking on Swizz Beatz‘ Instagram page and found out that DMX is working on a new album with Dr. Dre and Kanye West.

According to an Instagram post that Swizz made around a month ago, Dark Man X has been in the studio and is focused as ever. In a post riddled with praying hands, Swizz said:

I am truly ultra proud of the steps my brother has been taking to greatness. Some people think it’s easy to shake unfortunate situations but it’s not! I would love for all the fans to hit up DMX and show him love for being focused, clean, & ready to earn back his crown. Long live the Dog AKA my brother AKA the Great. Love you for life!! RR 4 Life!! Let’s get ’em!!Album sounding nice king….. We’re just waiting on DRE & Kanye tracks to wrap up!!!!

If we are to take the post as law, it sounds like the album may already be near completion, but it is lacking beats from Dr. Dre and Kanye West. As prolific as each of these superstars are, the three of them have not crossed paths often.

Outside of DMX hopping on the Dr. Dre-produced “Boss’ Life” instrumental and repurposing it for a song called “Sh*t Don’t Change” on his 2013 mixtape The Weigh In, they have never technically worked together. Kanye West contributed one beat, “Dogs Is Out,” to DMX’s 2003 album Grand Champ but it was far from a memorable collaboration.

Earlier this year Kanye did express a want for the DMX feeling to return to rap, perhaps he can aid in bringing that back directly.

Swizz Beatz can be considered an authority on all things X. Both of them rose to prominence around the same time as members of the Ruff Ryders crew. Last year Swizz took to social media to shut down rumors of a new DMX album coming out. The one he is talking about however, seems to be official.